For registration: 01324713523, transcript/certificate: 01324713515, payment: 01324713544
Students graduated between Fall Semester 2019 to Fall Semester 2022 are eligible to attend the 5th Convocation 2024.
** Before registering for convocation, please make sure that you have already collected your final transcript.
You may complete your payment through bKash/Rocket (Biller ID: 2040)/Student Portal/Cash to Accounts office of GUB
If you want to avail the transportation facility of GUB, you have to select a pre-defined transportation route during the registration.
Get update of your Convocation Clearance Status by checking the approval on the convocation portal. If any status is not cleared, please contact the concerned department as follows:
Controller of Examinations Clearance (if final transcript is not withdrawn or formal photo is not provided)
Library Clearance (if any library Books, CDs, Magazines and others are not returned).
Accounts Clearance (if there are any earlier academic dues along with the due of convocation registration fees).
Collect convocation costume from the announced place as per the announced date.
Return convocation costume after the convocation at the announced place and date.
Collect your Original Certificate from the Office of the Controller of Examinations on the announced date by submitting the original Provisional Certificate (if taken), ID Card (if not returned) and Receipt of convocation costume return.
Check your clearance status regularly and communicate if required.